Spring Fund Drives, ugh. But do public radio stations have an alternative?

This will make you laugh – Alec Baldwin uses reverse psychology to get listeners to pledge to NPR

OK, fess up, do you change the radio dial when you hear a voice asking you to put a value to your listening and give to public radio during their spring fund drive?

We’ve all been there. Changing the station during a pledge drive doesn’t mean we don’t care. It’s just, well…not those most entertaining subject matter, and it feels like a one-and-done transaction. But can you blame the radio station? They depend on these drives, and spend tons of effort, time and money preparing for these on-air events.

It seems to us at One4All that community radio stations deserve a method to get sustainable support that doesn’t require the exhaustive on-air fund drive. We believe the key is to put the donor in the middle of the conversation, and to make the experience social.

Donors, especially casual donors, want a simple, social way to give. We want it to be friction-less; we want to feel appreciated, and we want to feel like we’re making a difference. We would love to make a donation with the touch of a button. Our circle of do-gooder friends would see and join. The station would be able to comment on the donations. And the donation would be captured as part of our giving history the rest of our lives. It’s a flash fundraiser of sorts that is a part of a greater social experience.

Turning these fundraisers into easy, fun, social experiences where casual givers are engaged and participating will change the face of philanthropy. This defines our purpose at One4All. Engage casual donors in sustained, social giving, and in doing so, unleash the good.

Boise State Public Radio (KBSX) held their Spring Fund Drive last week. KBSX puts out a valiant effort to thank their supporters, but they can’t possibly mention everyone’s names on the air. In One4All, KBSX would be able to thank their supporters in real time in-line next to the donation post.

Speaking of features for non-profits in One4All, our product team is working to launch the ideal giving platform for the charity’s side of our software. This means that non-profits can personalize a profile in One4All that is dedicated to their causes and fundraising efforts. The profile will allow non-profits to post videos and messages to their followers, start and monitor fundraisers anytime in one place, set different giving levels with associated gifts for donors, and utilize matching. The philanthropists and companies that match donations will get social credit, and donors enjoy a more personalized place to support their favorite charities.

The spring fund drive will no longer be an isolated event between a caller trying not to drive off the road while a volunteer tries to repeat the credit card number. Watch for an update from us on the launch of the new non-profit profile in the coming weeks.