Fill Your Jar: One4All Launches The Nonprofit Profile

Hand holding sand

Say you are a nonprofit in possession of a jar that represents fundraising. You’re often advised to go after the big rocks; they provide heft to your jar. You are aware of the gaps in the jar, but gathering sand is like walking on a beach with a slotted spoon – it’s all around you but takes too much effort to get a very small return on your investment.

One4All is offering you a shovel (and, admittedly, a slightly tortured use of this metaphor). It’s time to put your fundraising efforts into the sand.

Hear us out. Sure, every nonprofit wants big rocks in their mix of donors – those large sums of money coming from the wealthy, dedicated few. Imagine if you as a nonprofit could hold meaningful, sustainable relationships with a wider base of donors, the casual community members who want to be a part of something bigger, who want giving to be a social experience, not just a transaction…the sand. Imagine if you could build this base of supporters in an easy, frictionless manner without spending tons of precious funds and time in doing so.

The casual givers will donate money to charity; they will fill your jar. The general masses have proven their profound charitable impact through crowdfunding. Think of One Fund Boston raising over $27 million. Think of the bullied bus driver Karen Klein raising upwards of $650,000. Global crowdfunding rose 81% in 2012, translating to $2.7 billion. This proves there is money on the sidelines; the casual givers want to and can do more.

BBP Nonprofit Profile - activityOne4All introduced the nonprofit side of our application. We are calling on nonprofits to claim and customize their profile in One4All. We believe the nonprofit profile offers an unparalleled donor engagement platform, with its ability to manage fundraisers in one place, receive donations on-the-fly, reaching a captive audience of prospective donors. In short, it’s a killer app!


Increase Donations

  • One4All users can give with the push of a button at the moment of inspiration. Frictionless giving is the key to reaching casual givers; make it as easy as possible.

  • Users can also set up recurring donations in increments as small as $5/month.

  • Donations are viral, as a user’s followers can join their friends in real time. This is important because individual users want to feel like they are a part of something bigger.

  • Grow donations exponentially with authentic matching by employers, corporate and philanthropists (we still want you to gain the big rocks).

  • Create Fundraisers on-the-fly and manage them in one place, including program-specific fundraisers.

  • Users can also create fundraisers (and donate their birthdays). Users’ fundraisers are automatically featured on your One4All page.

Grow Your Base

  • Giving is about social connections and community. Every individual giver has influence and personal connections. One4All connects the power of these social connections with the ability to immediately act. Friends see each others favorite charities and fundraisers in their news feed, introducing them to your cause.

  • Build a wider supporter base with younger donors who engage for life. One4All saves a history of users’ donations for their lifetime, allowing them to see their impact across all nonprofits in aggregate, as well as for specific nonprofits and charitable events.

Appreciate Donors and Communicate in a Meaningful Way

  • Harness the “Thank You” by appreciating donors 1:1 within the news feed that shows each donation. Many individuals say feeling appreciated is the #1 reason they get involved with charities.

  • User FundraiserTurn your donors into raving fans and fund-raisers. They are your best opportunity to communicate. You have donors who have influence and social reach. The more people talk about your organization, favorite it, tell their friends about it and fund-raise for it, the more supporters and funds you will gain.

  • Unlike Facebook, a “favorite” in One4All gains you a nod from someone who has the intent to donate money. You know how difficult it is to compete with the noise on Facebook and to convert a “like” into a donation. One4All quiets the noise.


  1. Join One4All as an individual (it’s free, and we don’t post to Facebook).

  2. Search for your nonprofit.

  3. Click the link to claim the page.

  4. One4All will contact you within 24 hours to provide access.

  5. Log in to your page and go nuts!

Join One4All in championing the casual giver.  It’s time to start filling your jar with sand.