How To Leverage Your One4All Nonprofit Page

This post will explain how to leverage your One4All nonprofit page so you can ultimately convert casual supporters into committed advocates and Facebook “likes” into donations.

Edit Charity DetailsStep 1: Claim Your One4All Nonprofit Page

1. Join One4All as an individual (it’s free and as easy as logging into Facebook).
2. Search for your nonprofit.
3. Click the link to claim the page. (“Favorite” your page while you’re at it.)
4. One4All will contact you within 24 hours to provide access.
5. Once you have access, go to ‘Edit Charity Details’ (this only takes 5 minutes):  Update your page name, profile picture, rename the public page URL to something friendly, add a blurb about your cause, and ensure that your email preference is correct so you get notified of donations.


Step 2:  Invite Followers and Thank Donors

1. Invite your Facebook audience.

  • Share your O4A page with your fans in Facebook and ask them to “favorite” it. Here’s an example:
  • “Hey, fabulous fans. There is a rising social network called One4All that is all about unleashing your personal good. It’s structured as a social network, built around a personal giving account, a place you can manage and track all your charitable donations to any nonprofit for the rest of Thank You Commentyour lives. Giving in One4All is done socially, with friends. [Your nonprofit name] believes in the power of the individual, and we believe that you don’t have to be a billionaire to be a philanthropist. So we’re joining other nonprofits in One4All, and we’d love for you to join us. Would you please check out our profile in One4All and “favorite” us? [insert your O4A URL] Let’s be the most loved nonprofit in One4All!”

2. Say “Thank you!” when you receive donations.

  • You will get an email alert whenever someone donates in O4A.


Step 3:  Fund-raise and Encourage Recurring Giving

Mock Fundraiser - BBP1. Run your fundraisers in One4All.

  • Setting up a fundraiser takes less than 5 minutes. Your O4A followers will be notified automatically. They can donate with the touch of a button, and their participation in the fundraiser becomes part of their giving profile and history.
  • Your followers can also easily fund-raise on your behalf in O4A and invite their friends to participate.

2. Start a recurring gift campaign.

  • Supporters can make a recurring gift for as low as $5/month.

Get in touch with the One4All team with questions, ideas, feedback, or maybe just to talk about your day:


“Don’t you think that creating a tribe of connected, engaged, passionate evangelists for your cause will create a positive feedback loop that will amplify the change you hope to see in the world? It doesn’t matter if that tribe is 300 powerful, smart, wealthy people or 3 million regular folks who believe in you and the change you hope to make. If they are passionate and engaged and you give them a way to help, you will amplify your impact.” –Sash Dichter