Donate Your Birthday

What if you and your friends donated your birthdays to local nonprofits, instead of getting more “stuff”? One4All now makes it possible for you to donate your birthday and raise money for any charity you want. Want to donate your birthday to your local humane society? Go for it. Motivated to donate it to the nonprofit preschool down the street? Make it happen. Every charity in your community is in One4All and can be the recipient of your good.

You don’t have to be Will Smith, Taylor Swift, or Shakira to make a difference. Charity: Water has grown into a $50 million a year nonprofit in large part because kids donate their birthdays to the organization. Now imagine that happening on a local level.

Here are some examples –

It’s easy. It’s fun. It brings your friends together. Your ripple of kindness can create a tidal wave of good. Here’s how.

  1. Create a One4All account (Login with Facebook is the easiest way).
  2. Search for the charity you want to support.
  3. Name your event, add content, create a message, publish it and share the link in your evite, on Facebook, etc.
  4. As your friends give, you can login and say thanks.

Birthday Event

Birthdays are just the beginning…

  • Fundraise for weddings
  • Make that office betting pool exciting (and legal) – the winner picks the nonprofit
  • Act when inspired by something you see, read, or hear

Doing Good is a piece of cake. What are you waiting for? Unleash Your Good now at