Donate Your Birthday

What if you and your friends donated your birthdays to local nonprofits, instead of getting more “stuff”? One4All now makes it possible for you to donate your birthday and raise money for any charity you want. Want to donate your birthday to your local humane society? Go for it. Motivated to donate it to the nonprofit preschool down the street? Make it happen. Every charity in your community is in One4All and can be the recipient of your good.

You don’t have to be Will Smith, Taylor Swift, or Shakira to make a difference. Charity: Water has grown into a $50 million a year nonprofit in large part because kids donate their birthdays to the organization. Now imagine that happening on a local level.

Here are some examples –

It’s easy. It’s fun. It brings your friends together. Your ripple of kindness can create a tidal wave of good. Here’s how.

  1. Create a One4All account (Login with Facebook is the easiest way).
  2. Search for the charity you want to support.
  3. Name your event, add content, create a message, publish it and share the link in your evite, on Facebook, etc.
  4. As your friends give, you can login and say thanks.

Birthday Event

Birthdays are just the beginning…

  • Fundraise for weddings
  • Make that office betting pool exciting (and legal) – the winner picks the nonprofit
  • Act when inspired by something you see, read, or hear

Doing Good is a piece of cake. What are you waiting for? Unleash Your Good now at

Millennials and Peer to Peer Influence

At One4All, we believe influence is as valuable as direct giving. Compare for example, two types of givers. The first gives $1,000. The second gives $100, and inspires another $900. Both result in $1,000 going to the donor’s cause. Which is more valuable?

There’s a new report out called the 2013 Millennial Impact Report that has some interesting findings. Check it out.

Peer to peer influence is the key to donor engagement. It’s why we give, and it’s always been that way. The social web shifts the power to the individual and their peers. At One4All, we believe we can unleash the power of individual influence and take charitable giving to a new level. We hope you’ll join us!

Newest One4All Feature: Automated Monthly Giving to Your Personal Charitable Fund

One4All Enthusiasts, you spoke, and we listened. To help you commit to giving in an easy, automated and fun fashion, One4All released its biggest feature update since launching the app. The changes introduced today on One4All reflect the last two months of feedback from users. The shiny-new improved app allows automated monthly giving to your Personal Charitable Fund.

Three Biggest Features Released Today:

  1. 1. Commit a monthly amount to your One4All Personal Charitable Fund
  2. 2. Set up recurring monthly donations to the charities you love
  3. 3. Invite your friends to join you at One4All

One4All believes you don’t have to be a billionaire to give to charity. We ask you to join us in unleashing your good and commit to giving by funding your One4All personal giving account. You can commit to as little as $5 a month for starters. Or calculate a percentage of your income and inspire a new generation of philanthropy.

How to Use the New Features:

1. Commit a monthly amount to your One4All Personal Charitable Fund. We automated the deposit from your debit/credit card. Our goal is that users do all their charitable giving via their personal One4All account, and they commit above average % of their income to charitable giving (the average in the US is 4.7%).

  1. Plan Your Givinga. Log into One4All.
  2. b. Click Plan Your Giving in the main menu.
  3. c. Enter the $ amount you would like to deposit.
  4. d. Enter your credit or debit card information in our secure server.
  5. e. Use One4All’s Discover tool to find fun ways to donate, or direct your funds to your favorite nonprofits. 100% of your donation goes to charity!

2. Set up recurring monthly donations to the charities you love. This can be done in increments as little as $5/month, and your charities will love you for it. It helps them tremendously with predictable cash flow.

  1. Recurring Donation to Charitya. Log into One4All.
  2. b. Search for your favorite nonprofits.
  3. c. Click the green ‘Donate’ button on the nonprofit’s page.
  4. d. Click ‘Monthly Donation’ from the drop-down menu.
  5. e. Enter the $ amount you wish to give and the day of the month to process the payment.
  6. f. Enter your payment information in our secure server.
  7. g. Smile, you just made a charity’s day!

3. Invite your friends to join you at One4All. Our new “Invite Friends” feature makes it easier to invite your Facebook friends to join.  You can also “Share” One4All on your Facebook timeline, Twitter, Google+, etc. Bring your do-gooder friends together to do something amazing.

Invite Friends

How To Leverage Your One4All Nonprofit Page

This post will explain how to leverage your One4All nonprofit page so you can ultimately convert casual supporters into committed advocates and Facebook “likes” into donations.

Edit Charity DetailsStep 1: Claim Your One4All Nonprofit Page

1. Join One4All as an individual (it’s free and as easy as logging into Facebook).
2. Search for your nonprofit.
3. Click the link to claim the page. (“Favorite” your page while you’re at it.)
4. One4All will contact you within 24 hours to provide access.
5. Once you have access, go to ‘Edit Charity Details’ (this only takes 5 minutes):  Update your page name, profile picture, rename the public page URL to something friendly, add a blurb about your cause, and ensure that your email preference is correct so you get notified of donations.


Step 2:  Invite Followers and Thank Donors

1. Invite your Facebook audience.

  • Share your O4A page with your fans in Facebook and ask them to “favorite” it. Here’s an example:
  • “Hey, fabulous fans. There is a rising social network called One4All that is all about unleashing your personal good. It’s structured as a social network, built around a personal giving account, a place you can manage and track all your charitable donations to any nonprofit for the rest of Thank You Commentyour lives. Giving in One4All is done socially, with friends. [Your nonprofit name] believes in the power of the individual, and we believe that you don’t have to be a billionaire to be a philanthropist. So we’re joining other nonprofits in One4All, and we’d love for you to join us. Would you please check out our profile in One4All and “favorite” us? [insert your O4A URL] Let’s be the most loved nonprofit in One4All!”

2. Say “Thank you!” when you receive donations.

  • You will get an email alert whenever someone donates in O4A.


Step 3:  Fund-raise and Encourage Recurring Giving

Mock Fundraiser - BBP1. Run your fundraisers in One4All.

  • Setting up a fundraiser takes less than 5 minutes. Your O4A followers will be notified automatically. They can donate with the touch of a button, and their participation in the fundraiser becomes part of their giving profile and history.
  • Your followers can also easily fund-raise on your behalf in O4A and invite their friends to participate.

2. Start a recurring gift campaign.

  • Supporters can make a recurring gift for as low as $5/month.

Get in touch with the One4All team with questions, ideas, feedback, or maybe just to talk about your day:


“Don’t you think that creating a tribe of connected, engaged, passionate evangelists for your cause will create a positive feedback loop that will amplify the change you hope to see in the world? It doesn’t matter if that tribe is 300 powerful, smart, wealthy people or 3 million regular folks who believe in you and the change you hope to make. If they are passionate and engaged and you give them a way to help, you will amplify your impact.” –Sash Dichter


Frequently Asked Questions about One4All – We Get Personal

You asked, and we have answers. Many people have reached out to One4All via Facebook, Twitter, and email wanting to know more about how it works (keep those questions coming!). We piqued your interest with our flashy new Corvette of a social giving website (okay, more like a Hybrid), and now you want to take a look under the hood. So we developed frequently asked questions about One4All.

How It Works Visual


Can I ask you some questions?



What is One4All?

That, my friend, is a good question. The quick answer is that we’re a social giving website where individuals can manage their donations via their own personal charitable fund.


How are you different from some of the other giving sites like Causes or Crowdrise?

Hopefully it’s obvious when you jump into the site, but the basics are this:

  • Most giving sites are focused on helping people raise money with campaigns. We believe that you don’t have to be an active fundraiser to be a good person. Of course, many of our users are very active givers. They fundraise a ton, they mobilize their friends, etc., but not all of us are like that. So, we built One4All for all of us, not just the active givers.
  • Also, we put you in the center of the conversation. We believe the world of philanthropy revolves around you. This is your giving account.
  • One4All is not simply a one-time fundraising website. We believe that sustained giving equates to sustained happiness, which equates to more empathy and a better society.
  • We also think it’s pretty cool to say “I’m a philanthropist,” which means capturing all the different ways you give.


Got it. So, are you a non-profit or a for-profit?

We are both. There are two separate companies involved in One4All: (1) One4All, Inc. (a for-profit company), and (2) the One4All Charitable Fund (a company pending nonprofit status).


Why two companies?

One4All, Inc. exists because we believe we can build the next great social media company around the core human need of giving to others.

The One4All Charitable Fund was formed as a separate company to administer the distribution of donations for One4All account holders, as well as to focus on educating donors on effective giving, etc.


Okay. So how do I use One4All?

We’re glad you asked. We think the best way to give to charity is to make a commitment on a monthly basis. How much is up to you. We don’t judge. So the first step is to fund your One4All account.

When you fund your account, the money goes into the One4All Charitable Fund. The Fund is a Donor Advised Fund (or as they are called in the world of philanthropy, a “DAF”). DAFs are very popular giving tools for wealthy people. They are administered by your local community foundation (like Silicon Valley Community Foundation or The Seattle Foundation). You can also open a DAF at Fidelity Charitable Fund or Schwab Charitable Fund, for example.


What if I don’t want to fund my account and just want to give gifts when I feel inspired?

You can do that.


Are my donations tax deductible?

In practice, yes. When you make a deposit into your One4All account, that full amount is deductible. That said, the One4All Charitable Fund is waiting for the IRS to approve its tax exempt status. As long as that happens in 2013, funds deposited into your account this year are tax deductible.

If the Fund does not get its tax deductible exemption, you cannot write off your donation. However, 100% of your donation is still going to the charities of your choice. If you are interested in a primer on how one should think about charitable giving and tax deductions, here’s a great article from Smart Money.


I funded my account – what’s next?

This is where it gets fun. The One4All Charitable Fund is waiting for you to advise it on which nonprofit(s) will receive the money. We have every single 501(c)(3) nonprofit in One4All (about 1 million), and we update the list on a monthly basis directly from the IRS. So your favorite local charity is here.

We help you discover charities and fundraisers that are trending in your local communities or by types of causes (animals, the environment, homelessness, etc.). You follow your friends and discover new giving opportunities through them, too.


What are different ways to make donations to charities?

There are several ways you can give…

  • Set up automatic monthly donations to your favorite nonprofits.
  • Or donate directly to any nonprofit on-the-fly, in increments as little as $5. Simple, one-touch giving.
  • Donate to friends’ fundraisers that they run in One4All.
  • You can even tell the fund to defer your choice of charity to a friend in the form of a gift. “Jessica, it’s your birthday. Here’s a gift of $20 to give to any charity you want!” 


What’s the smallest donation I can make?

Currently, we go as low as $5 and up to $11…(just kidding on the $11. You can donate as much as you’d like).


When I make a gift to a nonprofit, are they going to start marketing to me?

No. The only thing we send them is your first and last name and the amount. You can opt to share your email address with them if you’d like. You can share as much detail as you’d like with them, but that is your choice.


Do my friends see how much I give?

No. The only time they see it is when you make a donation to a fundraiser in One4All.


Does the site track all my receipts for the end of the year?

Yes. All your donations are tracked. Here’s the cool part. Remember, when you fund your account, you’re making a donation to the One4All Charitable Fund…it’s one receipt. That receipt has all the details of the gifts you make to individual nonprofits, but for the sake of getting deductions at the end of the year, it’s one receipt. Pretty cool.


I just thought of something. How much money actually goes to the nonprofit?

We explain how we make money a few questions later. What you need to know is that we don’t make money on the donations. That being said, there are, however, transaction fees associated with allowing users to make PayPal or credit card payments.

Currently, the way we pay for the transaction fees is via a processing fee on your donation that is roughly 4%. When you put money into your account (say $100), we ask you to pay a processing fee. (So, you’d be charged $104.) The assumption is that you want the full $100 going to charity.


Wait, wait, wait. Why am I paying 4% or so to give donations?

The only way to avoid the % is if you write a check to nonprofits (however,  they really don’t want to process checks of $5, $10, $20; it’s a pain for them). If you donate on their website, they have to pay the processing fees, which adds 3-4% to their operating costs.  If you text to them, up to 40% will come out! If you donate to them on other giving sites, 4.5% to 15% will come out. With One4All, nonprofits receive 100%. This is huge for charities.

Now, all of this being said, we are working to get the 4% reduced to 0%. Wouldn’t it be awesome if a national foundation came in and sponsored the fee? We’re also looking at lower cost ways of getting money. Point is, this is standard stuff and we’re just as frustrated with it as you are, but that’s how the world of processing payments works right now.


Okay, when does the money actually get to the nonprofit?

We send all the donations to the charities at the end of each month. If a thousand people give $5 each to a single charity, we send $5,000 to the charity. If, however, the total amount across all our users for one charity  is not at least $25, we will hold it until it gets to that amount.


How do you guys make money?

As you know from above, we don’t make anything from the donation itself. We learned that nonprofits spend around $21 billion a year marketing to all of us. They are trying to attract you as a donor. We think One4All is a much more effective way of engaging donors. Nonprofits have the option of claiming their One4All pages, which allows them to run fundraisers, thank their donors, highlight individual programs and much more.

At the same time, employers are spending billions of dollars a year with employee matching. For example, companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google will match the giving of their employees, up to $10k+ a year. We can help smaller- to medium-sized companies set up and run a matching program, and they’d pay us a fee for that capability.

The bottom line is that everyone wins and it’s all based on the idea of making this about you.


Well, I gotta say this sounds pretty cool.

We were hoping you would say that.


Can you give me the play-by-play of what you want me to do?

  • Log in via Facebook.
  • Search for, discover and “favorite” charities.
  • Find and invite friends to join you at One4All.
  • Pick an amount you want to give every month and set up automatic funding into your One4All account.
  • Set up any recurring monthly gifts you want to make to your favorite charities (nonprofits love recurring/monthly donations, because it makes their cash flow more predictable).
  • Explore and discover all the ways you can give throughout the month.
  • At the end of each month, take some time to pat yourself on the back and know you’re making a difference.


I have a few more detailed questions…

You’re asking me to log in with Facebook. Are you going to post to my Facebook page?

No. We don’t post anything to Facebook unless you tell us to. You can post to your Facebook page when you make donations, start a fundraiser, etc., but that is up to you.

The value of signing in with Facebook is that you can invite friends, you can post if you want, you’ll be able to see all your friend’s birthdays within One4All…make your charitable side a part of your social side.


What if I want to make a $50 gift to a charity, but I only have $25 in my One4All fund?

No problem. When you make the donation, you’ll have an opportunity to add the additional funds via PayPal or a stored credit card.


Make it this far? Wow, you’re either really bored or really excited about One4All. We hope it’s the latter. Let us know how we can provide further assistance at, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Fill Your Jar: One4All Launches The Nonprofit Profile

Hand holding sand

Say you are a nonprofit in possession of a jar that represents fundraising. You’re often advised to go after the big rocks; they provide heft to your jar. You are aware of the gaps in the jar, but gathering sand is like walking on a beach with a slotted spoon – it’s all around you but takes too much effort to get a very small return on your investment.

One4All is offering you a shovel (and, admittedly, a slightly tortured use of this metaphor). It’s time to put your fundraising efforts into the sand.

Hear us out. Sure, every nonprofit wants big rocks in their mix of donors – those large sums of money coming from the wealthy, dedicated few. Imagine if you as a nonprofit could hold meaningful, sustainable relationships with a wider base of donors, the casual community members who want to be a part of something bigger, who want giving to be a social experience, not just a transaction…the sand. Imagine if you could build this base of supporters in an easy, frictionless manner without spending tons of precious funds and time in doing so.

The casual givers will donate money to charity; they will fill your jar. The general masses have proven their profound charitable impact through crowdfunding. Think of One Fund Boston raising over $27 million. Think of the bullied bus driver Karen Klein raising upwards of $650,000. Global crowdfunding rose 81% in 2012, translating to $2.7 billion. This proves there is money on the sidelines; the casual givers want to and can do more.

BBP Nonprofit Profile - activityOne4All introduced the nonprofit side of our application. We are calling on nonprofits to claim and customize their profile in One4All. We believe the nonprofit profile offers an unparalleled donor engagement platform, with its ability to manage fundraisers in one place, receive donations on-the-fly, reaching a captive audience of prospective donors. In short, it’s a killer app!


Increase Donations

  • One4All users can give with the push of a button at the moment of inspiration. Frictionless giving is the key to reaching casual givers; make it as easy as possible.

  • Users can also set up recurring donations in increments as small as $5/month.

  • Donations are viral, as a user’s followers can join their friends in real time. This is important because individual users want to feel like they are a part of something bigger.

  • Grow donations exponentially with authentic matching by employers, corporate and philanthropists (we still want you to gain the big rocks).

  • Create Fundraisers on-the-fly and manage them in one place, including program-specific fundraisers.

  • Users can also create fundraisers (and donate their birthdays). Users’ fundraisers are automatically featured on your One4All page.

Grow Your Base

  • Giving is about social connections and community. Every individual giver has influence and personal connections. One4All connects the power of these social connections with the ability to immediately act. Friends see each others favorite charities and fundraisers in their news feed, introducing them to your cause.

  • Build a wider supporter base with younger donors who engage for life. One4All saves a history of users’ donations for their lifetime, allowing them to see their impact across all nonprofits in aggregate, as well as for specific nonprofits and charitable events.

Appreciate Donors and Communicate in a Meaningful Way

  • Harness the “Thank You” by appreciating donors 1:1 within the news feed that shows each donation. Many individuals say feeling appreciated is the #1 reason they get involved with charities.

  • User FundraiserTurn your donors into raving fans and fund-raisers. They are your best opportunity to communicate. You have donors who have influence and social reach. The more people talk about your organization, favorite it, tell their friends about it and fund-raise for it, the more supporters and funds you will gain.

  • Unlike Facebook, a “favorite” in One4All gains you a nod from someone who has the intent to donate money. You know how difficult it is to compete with the noise on Facebook and to convert a “like” into a donation. One4All quiets the noise.


  1. Join One4All as an individual (it’s free, and we don’t post to Facebook).

  2. Search for your nonprofit.

  3. Click the link to claim the page.

  4. One4All will contact you within 24 hours to provide access.

  5. Log in to your page and go nuts!

Join One4All in championing the casual giver.  It’s time to start filling your jar with sand.

Spring Fund Drives, ugh. But do public radio stations have an alternative?

This will make you laugh – Alec Baldwin uses reverse psychology to get listeners to pledge to NPR

OK, fess up, do you change the radio dial when you hear a voice asking you to put a value to your listening and give to public radio during their spring fund drive?

We’ve all been there. Changing the station during a pledge drive doesn’t mean we don’t care. It’s just, well…not those most entertaining subject matter, and it feels like a one-and-done transaction. But can you blame the radio station? They depend on these drives, and spend tons of effort, time and money preparing for these on-air events.

It seems to us at One4All that community radio stations deserve a method to get sustainable support that doesn’t require the exhaustive on-air fund drive. We believe the key is to put the donor in the middle of the conversation, and to make the experience social.

Donors, especially casual donors, want a simple, social way to give. We want it to be friction-less; we want to feel appreciated, and we want to feel like we’re making a difference. We would love to make a donation with the touch of a button. Our circle of do-gooder friends would see and join. The station would be able to comment on the donations. And the donation would be captured as part of our giving history the rest of our lives. It’s a flash fundraiser of sorts that is a part of a greater social experience.

Turning these fundraisers into easy, fun, social experiences where casual givers are engaged and participating will change the face of philanthropy. This defines our purpose at One4All. Engage casual donors in sustained, social giving, and in doing so, unleash the good.

Boise State Public Radio (KBSX) held their Spring Fund Drive last week. KBSX puts out a valiant effort to thank their supporters, but they can’t possibly mention everyone’s names on the air. In One4All, KBSX would be able to thank their supporters in real time in-line next to the donation post.

Speaking of features for non-profits in One4All, our product team is working to launch the ideal giving platform for the charity’s side of our software. This means that non-profits can personalize a profile in One4All that is dedicated to their causes and fundraising efforts. The profile will allow non-profits to post videos and messages to their followers, start and monitor fundraisers anytime in one place, set different giving levels with associated gifts for donors, and utilize matching. The philanthropists and companies that match donations will get social credit, and donors enjoy a more personalized place to support their favorite charities.

The spring fund drive will no longer be an isolated event between a caller trying not to drive off the road while a volunteer tries to repeat the credit card number. Watch for an update from us on the launch of the new non-profit profile in the coming weeks.

You Don’t Have to Be a Billionaire to Make a Giving Pledge

In August of 2010, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet announced that they had convinced over 40 billionaires and their families to sign the Giving Pledge. According to the website:

The Giving Pledge is an effort to help address society’s most pressing problems by inviting the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to commit to giving more than half of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes either during their lifetime or after their death.

Though the initial idea was focused on Americans like Mike Bloomberg, George Lucas and Sandy Weil, the pledge site now lists people from countries around the world like Brits Richard Branson and David Sainsbury. It’s a very powerful idea, and, like Weil stated in his pledge, “we are firm believers that shrouds don’t have pockets.”

Ok, so you’re not a billionaire. Many of us are struggling with the high cost of living and college to be “thousandaires.” But you know deep down that giving is good. It feels good, it is good for you, and it is indispensable for the recipients of your generosity. You don’t have to make a promise, right now, to give it all away before you die. But, you can enjoy feeling positive and happy on a regular basis by being more mindful and conscious of your giving.

This is one of the motivations we have for creating One4All. As Jason Hausske has told me, One4All puts the individual in the center, and shows her how she can have impact and influence, one gift and one donation at a time. The site is setup to let anyone donate to any of the over 1.3 million nonprofits in the U.S., using a personal giving account. Technically, when you set up a One4All account, you are setting up your own charitable fund. It’s an exciting and innovative way of enabling each of us to be a philanthropist and make a difference.

Even more powerfully, I’ve discovered, is the ability to send a quick, meaningful gift to anyone via Facebook or email. A friend recently told me that it was “the best gift I got all day” and she immediately donated it to a hunger organization. She told me that she had some other gifts she wanted to give. So, in being generous, I’ve stimulated the generosity of others. Our circle of friends isnot going to catch up to the estimated $125 Billion dollars the Giving Pledge will generate in the next few years (unless we work really hard) but that’s not the point.

One4All recognizes that casual givers give occasionally when inspired and almost always to form deeper relationships with others. One4All wants to turn the occasional inspiration into a sustained experience.People who enjoy giving, who feel happy when their friends are happy and feel good not only from their own giving but from the donations that follow it. Many people complain that there’s a “Slactivist” vibe out there – that clicking on “Like” and signing electronic petitions are replacing actions. Donations are actions – they are votes for support of different organizations and different causes. They are votes with the wallet, or putting our money where our mouths are. And I, for one, will keep casting ballots.



Identity and Humanity Online

Howard in the mirror

Geoff Livingston did a recent blog post about “Deconstructing Identity in the 21st Century.” He questions how we handle our online identities and thinks deeply about how we show ourselves to others online.

While we share individual pieces of our lives, the image of ourselves we want people to see shifts. Our peers and family members add their own touches to the picture. Identity is no longer controlled by the individual, rather it’s painted in an impressionist or abstract fashion by their peers.

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The ShoeShine Philanthropist

At One4All, we always talk about letting people “Unleash Their Good.” We hope to inspire people in their personal philanthropy.

This is one of those stories that remind us about the truly great good people in the world. Via Pittsburg’s WTAE: Albert Lexie, a shoe shiner at Children’s Hospital, has been giving his tips to a fund for kids who can’t afford medical costs. He’s been doing this since 1981. 32 years of tips have added up to over $200,000 for medical care for kids at this hospital.

There’s even a billboard about Albert.

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